What’s for Dinner? Week of November 17, 2013


As promised, the weekly dinner menu for this week is presented to you. It’s altered slightly in that now it will simply be a collection of recipes, some my own and some from Pinterest, that will give you ideas for dinner for the week to come. Some links will take you directly to a recipe within my blog while others while take you to another website completely where the recipe was used from. You will be linked to blogs that inspire me so I encourage to peruse their sites as well.  I will specify the location of the links, as to give appropriate credit, but it is certainly a combination. I certainly don’t create a new meal for dinner every night, and I don’t want you to think that. That would certainly take a lot of time and testing to get every dinner just right. Some meals I borrow from Pinterest or a simple search on the internet. Because, let’s face it, some days I know I am not going to have time to create a dinner and want something quick and easy where all I have to do is just follow directions. I think this process will give you an idea of how I create my menus, giving you ideas in turn, but will also allow me to spend time creating my own recipes to post throughout the week.

The menu this week is a good combination of health and comfort foods. The chicken pot pie, family style, is a recipe that came from The Cooking Mom. It is simple to throw together and tastes great. The only change, however, was instead of the basket weave on top, I simply unrolled the seamless crescent dough over the baking dish and cut some slits to allow air to escape. Still came out great and was so easy! My husband and I play in a volleyball league every Tuesday, so that’s why the salads. It is a recipe I have posted before, but sometimes it is just a great healthy, quick go-to. The chicken tortilla soup comes from Baked by Rachel and it is down in the slow cooker.  Another healthy meal that was extremely easy to throw together.  And, finally, there is the Mexican Pizza, a recipe I posted just this past week.  It was so good, I had to incorporate on the menu for the week.  Friday was leftover day and there were plenty of leftovers between the chicken pot pie and the chicken tortilla soup.  So plan out the menu for the week with recipes you love.  Write down the ingredients that you do not have on hand, head to the grocery store and have dinners to look forward to all week long.  Make the first bite count!


MondayChicken Pot Pie (The Cooking Mom)

TuesdayChicken Caesar Salads (Make the First Bite Count)

WednesdayChicken Tortilla Soup (Baked by Rachel)

ThursdayMexican Pizza (Make the First Bite Count)



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