What’s for Dinner? Week of November 3, 2013


So a day later than I wanted to post, but better late than never.  This weekend was crazy.  Friday afternoon we left to visit my husband’s family.   My brother in law got engaged and there was an engagement party Saturday.  So between visiting with family, helping to prep for the party and enjoying great food and drinks, I sort of lost track of time on the menu.  Sunday was still spent with family and we didn’t get home until almost 10 pm Sunday night.   But tonight, you get to enjoy!

There is a Chinese-inspired beef and broccoli, healthy buffalo chicken salad, Italian-inspired spinach cheese chicken roll-up and a tortellini and sausage dish.  Even if they can’t fit into your meals this week, I encourage you to add these recipes to a future menu.  They are all delicious.  And there is a great variety of meats and pastas, to please your entire family.  Getting ideas is sometimes the hardest part of weekly menu planning but hopefully browsing through these posts will help.  Another idea of how to decide on meals for the week:  have each member of the family choose a dinner.  That night that family member can take pride in having helped choose the meal as well as maybe even helped prepare it.  So browse through, get some ideas, plan that weekly dinner menu and get cooking!  Make the first bite count!


MondayTortellini and Sausage

TuesdayBuffalo Chicken Salads

WednesdayBeef and Broccoli | Rice

ThursdaySpinach Cheese Chicken Roll-ups | Pasta



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