I didn’t forget!!

I didn’t forget about the menu this week, unfortunately, it has been so crazy I have not even had time to make dinner to post a menu for you. I have not had a menu myself for the past week, so I have nothing to pass on to you. My husband and I have been busy taking advantage of the summer to travel to see our families. Our families live about 2 hours away from us but in opposite directions. So time has to be split. We have been enjoying great dinners with great people, just not always home cooked. Sometimes it’s ok to splurge, especially when you are on vacation, to go out and enjoy dinner.

However, if you are looking for ideas of dinners to cook for the upcoming week, please feel free to visit some previous posts or browse through the Recipes tab. When I am having trouble coming up with ideas, I start by asking the hubby what he might be in the mood for that week. Sometimes he has an idea, sometimes not. I also try to think of themes. Are you feeling Italian this week, or maybe Mexican, or maybe Chinese? Would you rather have some baked ziti, or some fajitas or maybe a little Chicken and Broccoli? If you still need ideas after that, try thinking about a protein, such as pork, and think of your favorite dish with that protein.

Coming up with the meals is the hard part, but once you have that down you can plan your one and only trip to the grocery store that week. Make your grocery list off of the ingredients from the recipes you will prepare. Don’t forget to the check the pantry for items you may already have on hand. Making that one trip will not only save you time, but also money. Two things that are so valuable in our lives. So plan your menu for the week, and feel free to share your ideas for all to see. We will be traveling again next week so new menus will come in two weeks, make sure to stop back. Make the first bite count!


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