What’s for Dinner? Week of August 4, 2013


The hubby and I are truly making the most of summer. This means using the grill when the weather allows and having date night once a week at the local beach town eateries. Date nights are so underrated. Whether you have been married 5 years or 25 years, I think they are great for a marriage. For the past couple weeks, one night a week my husband and I pick a place near us to go and have dinner. It usually isn’t a big fancy place, as my husband and I are pretty casual, but just a place where we can talk, have a drink and no one has to worry about cleaning the dishes at the end. Don’t get me wrong, I love cooking, but I think I have been looking forward to these date nights more and more.

This week we took a trip to Cape May. We had some ice cold beer (and I mean ice cold) and appetizers at a place called Harbor View. My husband ordered jalapeno shrimp poppers while I ordered steamed clams in a white wine sauce. Both were terrific and the view out over the water made it even better. Next stop was at a place called the Olive Oil Company where we did a little shopping. This place was a foodie’s paradise. Olive oils, vinegars, dips and marinades beyond your imagination. We bought a roasted pineapple habanero dip and a parmesan asiago spread (the cheese lover in me died and went to heaven). Both are out of this world. We finally were hungry for dinner so we stopped and ate at Cabanas on the Beach. We sat right next to the sidewalk which overlooked the ocean. Again, the view was unbelievable and made the experience even better. After a few margaritas, my husband and I devoured some mahi mahi tacos and shrimp tacos. The night was perfect and pretty successful, if I do say so myself.

Enough about date night, on to the menu for the week. So with date night mixed in here and knowing there would be plenty of food made at each sitting, I added in a leftover night. I know, I know, you hear leftovers and think eww. I used to be the same way. I am still a little picky about what foods I eat leftover and what foods I don’t, but the food this week is terrific leftover. You can always throw together another fresh salad, or reheat the mushroom risotto (which is excellent as a leftover) and the breaded chicken is even good cold. So it is more than ok to have a leftover night, especially near the end of the work week when people are tired and just not in the mood to cook. Just remember, planning is important, so if you are planning a night of leftovers make sure you plan to make enough at the previous days’ dinners to have extra. Make the first bite count!


MondayChicken Caesar Salads

TuesdayGrilled Filet Mignon | Mushroom Risotto

WednesdayDate Night Out!

ThursdayBreaded Chicken with Tomatoes, Fresh Mozzarella and Arugula | Roasted Rosemary Parmesan Potatoes



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