Dinner Menu for Week of 7/28/2013

While attempting to organize all the recipes I have into one place, I am hoping this blog is helping all those out there who are stuck on what to make for dinner. I hope this blog not only gives inspiration on what to make tonight, but also helps motivate you to plan your meals for the week. You will not only find dinners become stress-free when everyone in the family knows what to expect but it can save you money as well by only having to make one shopping trip a week.

If there is something on this week’s menu you just are not in the mood for, feel free to look through past menus for more ideas. Menu planning is my passion, so I hope to pass the same enthusiasm on to you, the incredible readers 🙂

This week, there are 4 meals presented. This is because during the summer, my husband and I take advantage of all the beach towns near us that have fantastic restaurants only open during one season. This week we took a trip to Long Beach Island, a place I’ve known and loved since I can remember. We had terrific seafood at a place called Beach Haven Fishery. We ordered clam strips, fried shrimp and blush shrimp (essentially shrimp scampi with roasted tomatoes) and it was all delicious. The remaining meals for the week were inspired by my fabulously fried eggplant and me wanting to experiment with homemade pasta. It was a great experience, and the taste was divine, I encourage you to try it. Hope you find something delicious to make for dinner. Make the first bite count!

MondayEggplant Parmesan and salad

TuesdayCheesy, Spicy Ground Venison Pasta

Wednesday – Seafood Dinner Out 🙂

ThursdayHomemade Cheese Ravioli with Tomato Cream Sauce

FridayGrilled London Broil with Rosemary Mushroom Sauce and Twice Baked Potatoes with Broccoli


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